4 Excellent Ways to Work with a Sage Green Exterior

4 Excellent Ways to Work with a Sage Green Exterior

Homeowners who are not into painting their exterior beige or gray consider sage green as an alternative neutral. Why not? Soft and delicate, this muted color can work well with a wide array of accent colors, metal finishes, decorating styles, and wood textures. While this is the case, some homeowners are hesitant about choosing this particular hue for fear that their home might look similar to others in the neighborhood.

Sage Green Exterior

For a home that stands out from the crowd, turn to professional remodelers, such as Vinyl Services, Inc. Here are some ideas to work with sage green siding in Walhalla, SC:

  • Use a Two-Toned Scheme – This is the perfect solution for adding a touch of character to your exterior without overpowering any component. If your exterior uses two different materials, make sure that each material gets its own color. For example, pick a darker shade of green for the base of your home and use natural sage at the top. Complete the look by adding white trim and details to your design.

  • Pair with a Dark Color – You can create drama by pairing your sage green vinyl siding in Walhalla, SC, with navy blue highlights. When mixed with deep, dark hues, sage green takes on a more relaxing, earthier tone. In addition, combining muted and rich hues can break up the color on taller or larger homes.

  • Add an Interesting Accent Color – Sage green looks beautiful with other soothing colors, such as pale yellow or light blue. For a bolder look, however, try adding a unique accent to a specific part of your exterior. If you want to draw attention to your charming attic window, for instance, you might want to emphasize it with a small strip of red-orange or bright yellow accent.

  • Choose a Vibrant Hue for Your Doors – You can add a splash of color to an otherwise plain exterior by having a vibrantly colored front door. Spicy red, bright yellow, and rich purple are some of your best options.

With smart designing, you can make a muted neutral like sage green work for your home. Consult our experts at Vinyl Services, Inc. for more home improvement tips like these. We specialize in a range of upgrade services for your siding, windows, and gutters in Clemson, SC. To schedule a FREE consultation, simply call us at (864) 638-1900 or complete our form. We look forward to hearing from you!